The Márquez bring out the colors to the defense of the Barça

Barça has regained the leadership of the League by playing one of its two postponed games this afternoon, against Granollers on matchday five on a day when Aitor Ariño reached the 30,000th goal for the Barça fans in Asobal, and his manager Xavi O´Callaghan joins the Executive Committee of the EHF. That good news is not so outstanding with the team’s play: 34-40 (13-18) is not a result that serves to show off, above all because he conceded 20 goals from the Márquez brothers, Chema (13) and Alex (7); the Madrilenians, from the Granollers front row, took the colors out of Barça’s 6-0 defensive line.

Although for the Catalans they considered the game as an obligation, because this week they will play three games, like last week, with trips complicated by fatigue to Saudi Arabia, They need a little more activity, because staying at six meters has that: 20 goals from two boys from eight meters.

It is possible that they said that the game would fall in their favor due to inertia, and that they would lower the accelerator with the eight goals of income, that on Thursday they have Chanmpions at the Palau (against Xavi Pascual’s Dynamo) and they did not have to squeeze themselves either. Yes, all that is understood, because the players are not machines and they have their priorities, but That Richardson, N’Guessan and Ali Zein do not take advantage of their minutes, is at least controversial,

What’s more, Ortega realized that his team needed something more at the end of the second half, and recovered Gonzalo Pèrez in goal, who prevented Granolleres from reducing the difference to four with three stops in a row. He could not allow doubts in the final stretch.

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