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The market moves for Ricky

Se mueve el mercado por Ricky

On February 10, since it is less than a month, the winter transfer market in the NBA closes. That means that from now on the wastes nest of rumors it is going to stir well. Everyone wants something: title contenders seek to strengthen themselves, those who are not will try to achieve that status, those who have no way of being, will want to take advantage of the buying eagerness of others to operate in search of a better future: win young players, draft rounds, drop harmful contracts …

The Cavaliers’ exceptional first half of the season has made the Ohio team a project that has gone from being caught up in a costly rebuilding to settling in the playoffs zone. With a young point guard who aims very high (Darius Garland-Evan Mobley-Jarrett Allen), the Cavs have become an ambitious and buyer team heading into this final stretch of the market. And, unfortunately, forced by circumstances: Ricky Rubio’s serious knee injury has left them without a player who was being essential as a brain and a unifier on the court. In one swift move, the Cavaliers seized him very veteran Rajon Rondo. But it’s not enough.

It’s funny, but the fact is, Ricky seemed destined to be a name hot in this market window. He was transferred to Cleveland in the last year of his contract ($ 17.8 million). The Cavs were always going to consider an exit if the alternative was for the Spaniard to go free in June. A good sporting level, as was of course the case until his injury, was going to attract the attention of top-level teams that needed a point guard, but it was also going to make (it was the case) that the Cavs thought a lot about transferring to a An important player on a team that was going full blast. And that they only sat and listened if a very good offer came. Do youNow? Ricky will not play until next season, when he will be 32 years old, and in Cleveland some ask for a new contract for the Spanish guard But the franchise will surely think more about making an upward offer to a veteran player who has suffered a serious knee injury. It is a common game that has many possible resolutions. But the truth is that many go through a change of scenery.

Ricky’s contract and draft picks

When would it happen? That’s a good question. According to Shams Charania, one of the journalists with the best sources when it comes to market movements, It cannot be ruled out that it will be in the next few weeks, before February 10:The Cavaliers are still looking for formulas to improve their backcourt (outside game) and rival teams are showing interest in a package that would consist of Ricky Rubio’s contract and draft picks.”. That is, there are teams that welcome sending an important player to Cleveland in exchange for draft rounds and a Ricky valued, in this case, for a contract that would balance that of the outgoing player but would be cleared from the ledgers next summer. It’s an option, of course, for rebuilding franchises.

Evan Dammarell, Cleveland journalist, brings to the table a name that has been linked to the Cavs for months: Caris LeVert, Indiana Pacers shooting guard. LeVert is a more scorer player (18.7 points, 43% in shots) and less distributor (4 assists) than Ricky, but he could be a good complement for Garland and, in fact, he already sounded before the injury of the Spaniard, when the one that fell for the whole season was the guard Collin Sexton. LeVert is a player who likes a lot in Cleveland, the Pacers are going to go into a rebuilding process and his salary (17.5 million) is home to Ricky’s. Dammarell talks about what Ricky, a protected first round and a second round is a real option– An offer the Cavs could make and the Pacers could accept. In addition, he puts other names on the table: Dennis Schröder, Buddy Hield, Terrence Ross, Josh Jackson… None, not even Schröder, is a pure point guard like Ricky.

It is paradoxical: the Pacers would in that case be the mother team by Ricky, obviously off the slopes, until the end of the season. It is the same franchise that seemed its destiny with all certainty in 2019, when it came on the market after leaving the Jazz and ended up, in an unexpected turn, signing with the Phoenix Suns. Of course, there is also the option of Ricky receiving an extension offer from the Cavs, and of course The one to exhaust the season in Cleveland and go on the market as a free agent in the summer, to renew with the Cavs from scratch or to choose another destination. There will be no shortage of interested teams either. And, for example, from Boston they already speak that Spanish can be a worthwhile bet despite the injury. The Celtics miss a brain, a point guard who leads the team and puts distribution and judgment next to the two young stars who play on the wings, the Jays: Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

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