The Market bleeds (-200 Billion), apart from these 6 Crypto (+1 as a bonus!)

Today, waking up difficult is not it? It’s cold, in 3 days we are in November… And as if that weren’t enough, the whole crypto market is in the red. So to cheer you up, here is our pick of the 6 cryptocurrencies that have increased over the past 24 hours!


  • 10 losers, 5 winners and a bonus French nugget!

Disclaimer : Since no one except Swann reads the prices in Euro, all the prices displayed are in Dollars!

A red day for Crypto!

The whole market is in the red. It is like that sometimes, one should not ask questions. If you had positions in margin trading, we hope that you have some margin in reserve, or that you have put your stop loss. For those who have made themselves margin call, a minute of silence.

With that being done, let’s take a quick tour of the crypto market. We are going to focus on the Coinmarketcap Top 100.

Bitcoin BTC loses $ 3,407, or 5.51%. Its Market Cap goes from 1.17 Trillion to 1.10. Or 70 billion of difference. Decidedly, Bitcoin has become a juggernaut!

Ethereum ETH drops $ 339, from $ 4,299 to $ 3,960. Its Market Cap is $ 474 billion. Transaction volume is up 75% to $ 26 billion.

That’s it for the Top 10, but you can go get your favorite token on Coinmarketcap!

So, is the whole market in blood? Everything, except this little village of die-hard Gauls.

Top 100 crypto gainers

In the top 100, there are a corner grip that are showing positive performance. And if you have any of these tokens in your wallet, you can be said to be lucky. Or just a good investor! Here are now the outsiders of the day:

1inch Network + 38%

1INCH, the 1inch Network token is the biggest winner of the day. His token shows a rather spectacular performance of 38%!

1inch USD Coinmarketcap

Price of 1inch in USD on Coin market cap

Listed for barely a year and already ranked 99th on Coinmarketcap, the 1INCH is the token of the 1inch network. It is an aggregator of DeFi Decentralized Finance protocols. This giant market which already weighs in the hundreds of billions of dollars is almost too big. This is why the 1INCH team has set itself the goal of bringing all the projects together in one place.

Equipped with the Pathfinder algorithm, 1INCH protocol gives you access to the best rates through more than 120 DeFi services from the blockchains of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. In just two years of service, the 1INCH network has exceeded $ 80 billion in volume just with protocols from the ETH blockchain. A great success.

Also equipped with a wallet, an AMM DEX (Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange) and a token allowing to navigate between the different protocols, the 1INCH. For the power of this project, thank Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov, its creators!


2 Shiba Inu + 26%

We no longer present it! the Dogecoin Killer, the Ethereum Killer, the famous Shiba Inu!

shiba inu USD Coinmarketcap

Shiba Inu SHIB / USD price on Coin market cap

This token is definitely not ceasing to be talked about. After developing a series of projects, such as a DEX and an NFT platform, the token competes with Dogecoin for the place of the chief meme coin. And the competition is tight, because currently Dogecoin is 10th and Shiba Inu 11th. In other words, the fluctuations of the day could cause a flippening between the crypto memes !

The Shiba Inu is experiencing one of the most important progressions of the week, with a growth of more than 100% The previous ATH, at 0.00003790 dollars has been pulverized and the price is currently at 0.00005851 dollars. That is to say an increase over the last 24 hours of 26%. With its 394,796 billion tokens, the SHIB has a market capitalization of 22 billion dollars.

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3 Helium + 8.69%

Helium is a project that focuses on IoT (Internet of Things). This market is booming, and analysts predict an increase in connected machines by 2030. At that time, this market should be worth 900 billion dollars. It is therefore a sector of the future!

Helium USD Coinmarketcap

Helium USD price on Coin market cap

It is one of the rare projects that focuses on this niche, with IOTA (MIOTA). And it is no coincidence that these two projects are on the rise.

With an increase of 8.69% over the last 24 hours, Helium HNT is the 3rd biggest winners of the day. Its market capitalization is $ 2.4 billion, making it the 59th cryptocurrency in the Top 100.


Holo, AAVE and Enjin coin

Finally, three crypto currencies are successful.

Holo HOT, the decentralized and peer to peer application building platform posts a daily gain of 3.79%.

Aave AAVE, the famous decentralized platform for DeFi services, is not left out. His token shows a gain of 4.51%, with a current price of $ 352.

Enjin Coin ENJ finally, the decentralized gaming project, shows a good performance. Launched in 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain, Enjin allows you to tokenize items and objects from games built on Ethereum. This project which promises to bring together two flourishing sectors on the blockchain: NFT and Gaming. It’s a must have for your wallet!

Enjin Coin ENJ USD Coinmarketcap

Enjin Coin ENJ / USD token price on Coin market cap

The ENF wins 6.61% today, and is currently worth $ 2.19.


Crypto gift for those who managed to read this far!

Finally, a little nugget selected for you by the editorial staff! The Kryll KRL is the token of the French Kryll platform. Under this sweet name which means shrimp, this platform allows its users to carry out trading strategies and have them executed by a robot. This is the trading bot for dummies.

kryll KRL USD Coinmarketcap

Kryll KRL / USD price on Coin market cap

And it works pretty well! The native token, the KRL is used for all operations on the platform. So, if the platform is successful, the price of Kryll goes up. And what a success! since the beginning of the month, the KRL token has taken off, going from 20 cents to 1.1 dollars. That is to say a gain of 433% which does not seem ready to stop!

Because today, during this red day, the KRL continues to perform positively. A gain of 10% at present, bringing the capitalization of the token to only $ 39 million. This coin is 628th in the Coinmarketcap ranking.


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