The Marital Lives of Nasir and Chamak: A Comprehensive Look at Their Relationships

Small Screen Actress Chamak’s Husband Nasir’s Shocking Revelation

Bangladesh’s small screen actress Rukaiya Jahan Chamak has been making headlines lately due to her marriage to Azman Nasir, also known as Nasir. However, Nasir’s past marriages have left many surprised and curious about the situation.

According to Nasir, he had two Sharia marriages in the past and even got divorced once. He revealed that his second marriage was with a model and they had a daughter together before separating in 2023.

What’s more shocking is that Nasir revealed that he had a surprise marriage before meeting Chamak, which came to light after his previous marriages were exposed. Nasir expressed regret for his past actions and apologized for his past mistakes.

Chamak’s ex-husband, Khan H Kabir, was also married to her before she met Nasir. The two got married in 2014 and remained together until they separated after Chamak became the joint second runner-up in the Miss World competition.

Chamak’s journey in showbiz began in 2017 when she won the second runner-up title in the Miss World Bangladesh competition. She then started acting in 2020 and has since appeared in various dramas and serials, including ‘Haider’, ‘House No 96’, ‘Mahanagar’, ‘Sada Private’, ‘Unfinished’, and ‘Viral Husband’.

The surprising revelation about Nasir’s past marriages has left many wondering about Chamak’s current marriage and her past relationships.

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