The man who was cut off from the train and divided into two parts kept talking, horrible incident

New Delhi: A video of a horrific incident in India went viral on social media in which a man died while lying on a railway track. The man’s body was cut in two and he was still alive And kept talking.

According to Indian media, in this tragic incident which took place in Kanpur, a railway employee wanted to attend a family wedding, but he did not get leave, after which he became discouraged and lay down on the train tracks.

After the train passed over him, his body was cut in two, but he still seemed calm and was talking.

People on the scene also videotaped the horrific scene, with the upper part of the railway employee’s back between the two tracks and the toe part outside the track.

He kept talking for a while after being cut off from the train, then gradually his eyes closed and he died.

Officials say the railway employee’s name was Ramesh Kumar and he was from Ottawa.

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