François Cluzet is showing in the film “L’Homme de la cave”, which will be released in theaters on Wednesday 13 October. The actor there plays the role of a mysterious retiree who buys a cellar from a young couple. A realization of Philippe Le Guay.

The man of the cellar, in theaters Wednesday, October 13, tells the story of a former history teacher, with a rather sympathetic appearance, who buys a cellar from a young couple. However, this sale will become Simon’s worst nightmare, of Jewish descent. He’s a bit like the ideal neighbor, the ideal father, until this man comes to break it all, explains Jérémie Renier, actor who plays the role of Simon Sandler. This man breaks him, breaks his family, and forces him to confront his past.

This mysterious retiree is in fact a dangerous negationist who will use the cellar to disseminate his propaganda everywhere, but especially to the youngest. This is the first time that we see the path, the way of thinking of a conspirator, an anti-Semite, a racist“, analyzes François Cluzet. Little by little, the man will sow trouble in the building with a well-honed speech. A film that is certainly worth a look at the time that circulate way uninhibitedmore and more fake news.