The main reason for the acute shortage of tomatoes in Britain has come to light

London: Britain is currently facing a severe shortage of tomatoes, which is mainly due to disruption in harvesting this time and due to this the supply in the market has been affected.

In regions such as southern Europe and northern Africa, hot weather affected crop production significantly, followed by cold-weather growth that affected harvests.

In this regard, British Retail Consortium official Andrew Opie has said in his statement yesterday that weather conditions have disrupted the harvesting of some fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes.

But supermarkets are adept at managing supply chain issues and working with farmers to ensure consumers have access to fresh produce, he says.

Last year, UK grocers faced supply chain disruptions due to the Russia-Ukraine war, but their availability improved significantly in the run-up to Christmas.

During the winter the UK usually imports around 90% of crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes, but becomes almost self-sufficient in the summer, with the UK relying particularly on imports from Morocco and Spain during the winter.

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