The main leader of Indian extremist party Shiv Sena was killed by firing

Amritsar: The central leader of India’s extremist party Shiv Sena was killed in an assassination attack, shot during a protest sit-in in Punjab.

According to the details, Sudhir Suri, the extreme right-wing leader of the Shiv Sena, was shot dead during a protest sit-in in the city of the Indian state of Punjab.

According to Indian media, the assailant who killed Sudhir Suri was among the protesters who was arrested by the police on the spot, but the official identity has not yet been revealed.

Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena was protesting against the temple administration after pieces of broken idols were found in the garbage heap outside the Gopal temple.

On the other hand, eyewitnesses claimed that a shopkeeper named Sandeep Singh fired at Sudhir, the killing causing panic in the Sikh community due to possible backlash in the area.

It should be noted that Sudhir Suri used to make controversial statements against Sikhs and he was facing many cases for inciting sentiments against other minorities and he has also spent a long time in jail.

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