The main ‘but’ of Bono’s signing by Real Madrid

Real Madrid are at a crossroads and are exploring the possibility of signing Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bounou, better known as Bono, to compensate for Thibaut Courtois’ prolonged absence. However, the talks between the merengue club and Sevilla, Bono’s current team, are overshadowed by a key aspect of the potential transfer.

Bono’s participation in the Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled for January and February 2024, casts a shadow of uncertainty over the move. The competition could see the Moroccan goalkeeper miss as many as 13 official games, an absence that seems worrying for any team hoping for stability in goal.

The main ‘but’ of Bono’s signing by Real Madrid

Real Madrid have their sights set on Bono, seduced by his elite experience and prowess among the three racquets. Despite tempting financial offers from Saudi Arabia, the goalkeeper has decided to remain in Europe. FC Bayern Munich’s former interest now centered on Kepa Arrizabalaga opens the door for a potential Santiago Bernabéu transfer.

However, it is the so-called “fine print” in the agreement that is causing the disruption to these talks. Bono’s participation in the Africa Cup of Nations could mean an extended absence at a critical time of the season. If Morocco advances in the tournament, the goalkeeper could miss valuable appearances, including league games, Copa del Rey rounds and even crucial Champions League games.

Real Madrid face a dilemma: risk having goal depth compromised at a crucial stage of the season, or look for alternatives that offer availability guarantees. The need to have a reliable goalkeeper is undisputed, but uncertainty about Bono’s possible absence due to the Africa Cup of Nations is a variable that could lead to reconsideration of the negotiations.

In short, Real Madrid’s desire to add Bono to their squad faces the reality of ‘fine print’ that could have major implications for the side’s stability. With time being of the essence, the club must carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision on this important signing.

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