Lorena Isasi and Edi Díaz have fulfilled their dream. The two cyclists of the KH-7 team have married after stage five of this great mountain bike adventure. Cycling united their paths and what better way to celebrate their wedding where they met.

Before the team and friends as witnesses, Lorena and Edi promised each other eternal love. Before, at the end of stage three of the last Titan Series Almería, and under the arrival arch, Edi surprised Lorena. She pulled an engagement ring out of her leotard and, with her knee on the ground, he asked marriage. A link that she wanted to be in Morocco.

After five days dodging difficulties in the race, his wishes have come true. The bride and groom were overflowing with happiness. “The most important thing we already have. It is a memory for life, which will be etched in our hearts. It is the culmination of crazy bikers, adventure lovers. It’s called cycling passion. This unites us, this makes us fall in love and we want this to be our special place”.


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