The magic of Monaco returns

Santa Devota, Casino, Mirabeu, Loews, Tabac, Rascasse… These names form a succession of curves that the most staunch motorsport fan can recite almost as if it were an Our Father. They give goosebumps. And it is that magic, as Ancelotti would say, is not only found in the Bernabéu, there are other unique places that also radiate it from all four sides, and one of them, without a doubt, It is the Montecarlo circuit. A single-seater race there is always special, and this weekend it’s Formula E’s turn (Saturday 3:00 p.m., Eurosport 1).

It will be the fifth time that Monaco hosts the electric World Cup in its streets, and it will do so again in all its splendor after last season a dream came true that had been claimed since its first visit, that of running along the original route. For three years the circuit could only be enjoyed halfway, in a reduced version that did not convince anyone and that will no longer return. Now Formula E goes there with all of the law ready to add their own milestones in a scenario that does not stop accumulating history.

No one will come to the streets of the Principality with a better memory than Da Costa, who achieved the honor of winning Monaco in full in 2021, but there is at least one driver who does it at a better time: Mitch Evans. Jaguar’s New Zealander comes from razing Rome, and when we say ‘raze’ it’s literal. He won both races that were held in the Italian capital three weeks ago, the first starting ninth and the second fourth, signing a double with which he was hooked to the top of the table.

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Of course, despite the rush of points, Evans still has three men ahead. After the five races played so far, Vergne, the two-time DS Techeetah champion, leads the World Cup with 60 points, two ahead of Frijns, four ahead of Vandoorne and nine ahead of the aforementioned Evans. As you can see, everything is very tight between the four, and Mortara, the dethroned leader in Rome, is not far behind: 11 JEV. By teams, Mercedes continues to lead with a nine-point advantage over Porsche. Now, all that remains is for Monaco to work its magic.

This is how the Formula E World Championship goes

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