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The Madrid Marathon, a running party

Madrid recovered its Popular Marathon last Sunday after a year of absence and two cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The EDP Rock ‘n’ Running Series Madrid was a resounding success, with 30,000 happy runners (7,000 in the 10K, 8,000 in the marathon and 15,000 in the average), who enjoyed the streets of the capital of Spain on a sunny morning and warm that ended without incident nor serious consequences for the athletes, beyond the habitual lipotymias, falls or small injuries.

Happiness was the dominant feeling among all participants. The Ethiopians Abdela Godana and Kasu Bitew were proclaimed champions of a test in which the Madrilenians Eduardo Callejo and Tamara Sanfabio were the first Spaniards to reach the goal in their categories. The only penalty for the MAPOMA organizers was having to say no to some fans due to the mandatory limitation of registrations. “After 29 months, almost, we had almost thrown in the towel, but we couldn’t. The team set out to take it forward as it was. We had help from the Community, the City Council, with a COVID protocol with the World Health Organization, the Ironman, with the Spanish Athletics Federation, the CSD, and we have succeeded, “said an excited Pedro Rumbao, director of the event. “The runners accepted it very willingly, with the vaccination tests, PCR, masks, self-service provisioning … Everything that we were not used to doing for 42 years, we had to implement this edition. They reached the finish line proud of returning to Madrid’s asphalt, proud of their Marathon … We turned the city into the great athletics festival “, he added.

Of those absent for different reasons, the winner of the half marathon and recent Spanish distance champion, Nuria Lugueros, was remembered: “I dedicate the victory to all those who could not be in the race and to those who had a bad time during all this time of the pandemic. It was very nice to get together again here.”

On the occasion of the Marathon, there were solidarity initiatives such as that of Antonio Bendala, Luis Flores and José Carlos Galván and their seventh stage of La Ruta del Rey de Europa, supported by the Community of Madrid. The three run in favor of organ and tissue donation in the capitals where Real Madrid won the European Cup. That is the spirit of running.

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