The Lucid Air Dream Edition R offers more than 750 km of range, much more than the Tesla Model S

Lucid has just unveiled two different versions of its Lucid Air Dream Edition, and our colleagues at Motor Trend have already been able to test the more autonomous version which offers a higher range than the Tesla Model S.

Lucid Air – Credit: Lucid

Last year, the new American electric car manufacturer Lucid claimed to have developed a series of technological innovations that would allow its Air sedan to offer a range of 832 km. The manufacturer recently announced two high-end versions of this series.

First of all, we will find the Air Dream Edition P, for Performance, which will develop 1,111 horsepower to the detriment of autonomy, but Lucid has not yet specified the extent of this penalty. Lucid will also offer an Air Dream Edition R, for Range, which will peak at 933 horsepower and the company expects it to achieve its goal ofat least 800 km of autonomy.

The real autonomy corresponds well to the figures announced by Lucid

Motor Trend reporter Jonny Lierberman got the chance to try out the more standalone version, the Lucid Air Dream Edition R. Motor Trend drove an Air 716 kilometers on a single charge and noted that there was 48 km of range left., a feat that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The range depends of course on the traffic conditions, the state of the road and the driver, but this first test indicates that the car could therefore have approached the 800 km of autonomy announced by the manufacturer.

Motor Trend’s test was carried out with two cars, and the second was driven by Lucid CEO himself, Peter Rawlinson. His vehicle seemed a little more autonomous, sinceit had a remaining range of 116 kilometers, for a total range of 832 km. So this is the exact number that was announced last year by Lucid.

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Lucid therefore offers cars a lot more autonomous than the Model S Grande Autonomie and Plaid, which respectively offer 652 and 637 km of autonomy. However, Tesla’s Model S Plaid have the advantage of being much faster, as they can shoot 0-96 km / h in just 1.99 seconds, compared to 2.5 seconds for the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The Tesla Model S Plaid is therefore the second fastest electric car in the world, behind the new Rimac Nevera. It should also be remembered that the Lucid Air Dream Edition R and P will both be on offer starting at $ 169,000, compared to $ 129,900 for Tesla’s most powerful car. They should be available in Europe in 2022.

Source: Motor Trend

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