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The love of Ratan Tata and Simi Grewal was incomplete, they had dated before the business tycoon

When Simi Grewal broke the silence about her relationship with Ratan Tata

Simi Grewal used to be a glamorous actress of her time. Simi had worked in movies like ‘Karz’ and ‘Mera Naam Joker’. Simi was in a big discussion about her professional life and her personal life. However, it is another matter that even after a romantic relationship and marriage, Simi’s life was spent alone. Simi’s first marriage to Ravi Mohan could only last a few years. Before getting married at the age of 17, Simi had also dated the Maharaja of Jamnagar. But very few people would know that Simi was in a relationship with businessman Ratan Tata at some point. Let me tell you that today is Ratan Tata’s birthday and he is celebrating his 85th birthday. On this occasion, we tell you the love story of Ratan Tata and Simi Businessman.

11 years ago, Simi gave an interview to E Times, in which she confessed to being in a relationship with Ratan Tata. Simi had said that the two of them had dated for a long time. Praising Ratan Tata, Simi had said, “Ratan and I have had a long relationship. He’s perfect. His sense of humor is amazing and he’s the perfect gentleman. Money has never been important to him. As much as they stay laid back “. abroad, not so much in India.

According to reports, Simi Grewal and Ratan Tata also wanted to get married but for some reason this couldn’t happen. Ratan Tata also appeared once on Simi Grewal’s show, in which she made many revelations about her personal life. Ratan Tata had said during this time that there were many times when he was about to get married, but things didn’t work out. Let me tell you that Simi Grewal got divorced from her husband Ravi Mohan in 1979. After this, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi also came into her life, but the relationship between them is said to have broken down due to the arrival of Sharmila Tagore in the life of the man. cricket player. Speaking of the present, Simi is still single.

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