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The Lorca City Council is introducing a card payment system on the bus

The Lorca City Council is introducing a card payment system on the bus

Lorca City Council, via Limusa, Transform the public bus transport experience with an innovative new payment system. In collaboration with Almex SL system integration And Layer4a leading global payment processing company, the municipality has implemented a contactless payment method using cards, mobile phones and smartwatches, no minimum amount. This system based on NFC technology guarantees fast transactions and no connection problems, improving efficiency and convenience for users. A significant step forward for Lorca and its urban transport network.

Card payments, which are widely used in companies, are not so common on the city bus network. This service is one of the pioneers in Spain, as not many cities and especially provincial capitals offer this option for public transport users. In the medium distance radius we have Murcia or Elche, Valencia and more up to the center of the Madrid peninsula as examples.

A special payment system for transport

The new payment method does not rely on a POS Allows you to carry out the process quickly and easily, without any problems arising from connecting to a network. The system works with short-range NFC wireless technology for greater user convenience You just need to bring the card closer to the reader. This is an EMV transit system specifically for the passenger transport sector, derived from the systems developed for London city transport.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from the European Union NextGenerationEU and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and is integrated into the SAE vehicle management system, the Operation Assistance System enables the digitalization of the municipality’s urban transport And Provide information in real time of the bus fleet routes managed by Limusa. These payment functions were made possible thanks to the collaboration of Integración de Sistemas Almex SL, as implementer of the project, and Shift4, a company listed in the United States that, as a financial technology company, processes more than 200 billion payments internationally and is a legal entity.

For Juan Miguel Bayonas, Delegate City Council of Limusa, “Lorca’s move is revolutionary and makes us a benchmark in Spain when it comes to simplifying and making payments and pricing for passenger travel more efficient.”

David Jofre, VP Sales & Business Development Iberia at Shift4highlighted: “According to a recent study, 94% of public transport users worldwide expect to be able to make contactless fare payments when traveling on public transport. At Shift4 we are proud to be part of such an innovative project for the public transport sector in Spain.”

More travelers in Lorca after improvements in transportation

The public transport improvements promoted by the Lorca City Council through Limusa have contributed to this a significant increase in the number of travelers. In October, 65,288 passengers used the bus, which is 21,000 more than in the same month last year and a record for this service.

It is worth remembering that Lorca did this 8 established routes connecting the urban area with the Almenara shopping center, the Rafael Méndez hospital, the Saprelorca industrial area, Campillo and Torre del Obispo, Río, Santa Quiteria, Cazalla, Tercia and Marchena.

Computer-based solutions in Benefits for public transport users in Lorca They happen in a short time. A few weeks ago, payment by bank card to top up subscriptions became possible thanks to an online store available 24 hours a day from any location with an internet connection.

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