It was 2019 when Lando and Marco, co-founders of Isendu, they realized a need shared by all e-commerce: simplicity in logistics management. For this purpose they developed a platform that simplifies processes to the maximum and with a friendly and manageable interface for all types of audiences. “We found it unfair that only large companies had access to simple, intuitive and fast methods to manage deliveries” comments Lando Barbagli, CEO of Isendu.

Now they land in Spain after two years of unstoppable growth in Italy. According to those responsible for the platform, Spain has a very important number of small and medium-sized e-commerce that is very similar in terms of how it works to the Italian. In addition, it is one of the European countries in which the online consumption of products has exploded the most (it went from 7.5% to 10% in just two years and is positioned as one of the countries with the highest purchases via the Internet).

E-commerce in Spain is experiencing very rapid growth, with a penetration rate of online sales over total retail that grows every year. After having successfully validated our platform in the Italian market, Spanish represents for us the possibility of scaling internationally. Spain is a market very similar to the Italian one from the point of view of the target we are targeting, but with many opportunities: we believe that in terms of numbers it can be double that of the Italian market. We also found an ideal economic ecosystem to develop partnerships with other actors in the e-commerce sector (such as web agencies, marketers or influencers) with which to co-create value for Spanish e-commerce” develops Lando Barbagli. They expect significant growth with at least 200 clients in this half of 2022, 1,000 by the end of the year, and they also seek to reinforce the partnership strategy with local players. For this, they have a commercial development team in Spanish that works between Spain and Italy.

Its differences with the other ‘players’ on the market? Support, a true marketing tool linked to after-sales. The operation of Isendu is extremely simple, we are already connected with several parcel delivery companies and we provide all the options automatically so that they always choose the one that best suits them in terms of money or time, but we are also by their side at all times offering consultancies to help them sell more and better. We transform e-commerce shipments from a ‘logistics problem’ to a real order growth opportunityLando Barbagli ends.


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