The LIV and its short-term future

Hello Feveruses. As you know, the LIV Golf Series broke into the golf world in the middle of this year and unleashed a tremendous mess, signing big-name and low-profile players, unleashing an iron fight against the PGA Tour. As expected, the tour was not going to sit idly by, and lashed out at the new league “putting it in China” everything in its power to prevent its progress. But that did not intimidate those commanded by Greg Norman, as they started and finished their competitions with some success, and now they announce their 2023 calendar with 14 events (this year there were 8). But what stands out the most is that a field that has hosted tour events (Mayakoba), broke its relations with the tour and will be the venue for the start of the LIV calendar next February.

All of this sends a very clear message: LIV is here to stay, and will seek by all means to become an alternate tour that is respected and recognized. From my point of view, both have made mistakes, and if they had put their differences on the table, I understand everything would have flowed more organically. I think there is room for both leagues to operate, and that everything is that there was no clear line of procedure that defined the business schemes for both. Today, just months after the launch of the LIV, many connoisseurs believe that 2023 will be the year of “understanding” between the two estates, since it is convenient for neither of them to be one to the north and the other to the south. A coalition would be the best for the sake of professional golf continue to strengthen. Only time will tell in the coming months if the world ranking system will recognize his events, if the PGA Tour will “lower the grade” and allow players to compete in the majors or at its events, and if Greg Norman will continue to be the face of the new league, since many understand that his presence would hinder the conversations between the two circuits, since, as you know, the PGA Tour is not a saint of devotion for Norman. 2023 will be a defining year and hopefully it will be for both of them.

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Big 5 of Cayacoa and Big 3 of Vistas

Last week, due to space issues, I cannot refer to the traditional Big 5 tournament held by Cayacoa. As you know, that event is “the daddy” of the 5-player format Scramble tournaments, and again it was a great success. Team New York took first place, leaving Partners from Santiago in second, and Tema Puntacana in third. I congratulate Frank Adames, Tomás Hernández, and the entire Cayacoa team for the success of the event. On their side, the neighbors, Vistas Golf and CC, celebrated their Big 3 with 114 Fiebruses competing in a field full of amenities. Congratulations to “los Víctor”, (Gómez Casanova and Cuevas), who led a great team that put together a tremendous festive and competitive event.


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