The Little Mermaid: The first opinions fall, against all odds

As usual for several years now, Disney continues its series of adaptations of its cult animated films in live-action. If the opinions on this project are generally mixed and are to be taken on a case-by-case basis, that of The little Mermaid had made a strong impression on social networks when the first trailer for the film was released a few months ago. But despite the fears raised by critics on the web, it could well be that Disney created THE good surpriseaccording to recent reviews of this new adaptation.


On the occasion of the release of the first live action trailer, actress Halle Bailey, who plays the Little Mermaid in the upcoming Disney adaptation, had created a torrent of hate messages and scathing criticism on social mediawho pointed to the skin color of the actress, who “diverted the character of Ariel from her original design”in addition to the CGIs which then seemed completely sloppy.

The Little Mermaid – Halle Bailey / Disney Studios

However, and according to the first reviews of the film, Halle Bailey delivers an exemplary performance in his character The little Mermaid. The performance of the young 23-year-old actress has swept the praises of the English-speaking press, qualified “of the best ingredient of the film” And “an absolute triumph” by The Guardian. The media The Direct even qualifies the film “as Disney’s best live-action adaptation to date”just that. We Live Entertainment further specifies that the remake “retains the heart and soul of the story we know and love”the latter being “even more successful thanks to a perfect star performance from Halle Bailey”.

The media did not forget to congratulate the excellent realization of the visual effects, which “wonderfully convey the magic of the world of the little mermaid”even if the casting seems to be the strong point of the film, according to the critics; Halle Bailey gives a wonderful performance, while Melissa McCarthy fulfills her role as Ursula perfectly.

The Little Mermaid – Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy / Disney Studios

However, some media like Guardian were much less positive about the film, showing that The little Mermaid does not appear to be a flawless work; the media has indeed specified that entire sequences of interactions are rendered “lifeless because of CGI” which tarnish some memorable passages of the 1989 animated film.

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But even so, early rave reviews for Disney’s new remake seem very encouraging for its worldwide release; it remains to be seen if Ariel will convince the French public, and what from May 24, release date of the film in France.

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