The little footballer wearing Macy’s unique shirt is scared

The life of Murtaza, an Afghan boy wearing a baggy Macy’s jersey and making a fuss on social media, became a nightmare in his own country.

According to, after the Taliban took control of Kabul, he is now stuck in Kabul with his family. Wants to escape from

Afghan boy who went viral after wearing plastic bag Messi shirt flees Taliban |  UK News |  Sky News

The Spanish news agency has claimed that Murtaza wants to leave Afghanistan, Murtaza says that he cannot leave the house for fear of the Taliban. Murtaza’s 22-year-old sister says that with every knock on the door, Murtaza clings to his mother or me lest the Taliban take him away.

Meeting Macy, the dream of a young Afghan fan came true

Remember that the photos and videos of Afghan child Murtaza playing football wearing a jersey made of plastic bag made a fuss on social media. Macy also sent a signed jersey to his little fan.


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