The little boy prepared food for his sick mother with his tiny hands

While on the one hand, mothers spare no effort in love, service and sacrifice for their children, there are times when children express their love to their mothers in a very innocent manner which makes the viewers overwhelmed.

A picture of such an innocent effort of a child is going viral on the social networking website Twitter, in which the expression of care and love for the mother is clearly visible.

A woman named Erin Reid posted 2 photos on Twitter and wrote that she is locked in a room with Covid-19 and her toddler has prepared food for her.

The child puts salad leaves and a few pieces of pasta in a bowl and holds it for the mother with a fork.

The kid also wrote a note along with it saying that I made this for you, it’s not perfect at all and I’m sorry for that.

The child placed the note and the bowl of food on the table in front of the mother’s room.

Twitter users were shocked and overwhelmed with love for the baby after seeing the photos. A user wrote that you have trained the child very well due to which his heart is full of feeling and love.

Another user wrote that I am crying after seeing these pictures.

Many users also prayed for the mother’s recovery and wished both the best

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