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The list of the most scrapped car models in 2021

They have been destroyed, are no longer used, or can no longer be driven: these are ELVs, end-of-life vehicles, all destined for destruction. It’s these cars, explains , which can be found in the 60 approved French shredders and the 1,700 treatment centers. And every year, the number of vehicles destroyed is growing. Thus, according to , last year, nearly 850,000 (847,880) cars were scrapped. This is, neither more nor less, half of the vehicles registered in 2021.

But what are the most destroyed vehicles? At the top of the ranking, we find the Renault Mégane (87,118 cars destroyed), ahead of another model from the French brand: the Clio (78,930). The Peugeot 206 (44.797) completes this podium. Moreover, among the eleven most spotted cars for scrapping, eight are French brands. The Citroën Xsara (34,146) ranks fourth, ahead of the Renault Twingo (28,438), the Renault Laguna (26,794), the Peugeot 307 (25,683) and the Peugeot 306 (21,906). Only the Opel Corsa, the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Fiesta interfere in this ranking.

Majority of diesel cars

also indicates that a large majority of these vehicles were equipped with a diesel engine (61%). Why do we find them in scrap? Mainly because of road accidents which made them unusable. But also some because of their “age”, so they were no longer roadworthy. The last part concerns vehicles from the conversion bonus. According to figures collected by our colleagues from the automotive press, approximately 15% (114,737 cars) were scrapped to encourage the purchase of new cars. On average 2,700 euros were paid, for 900,000 bonuses in total. Finally, how old were these vehicles? On average 20 years. In fact, the majority of these models were flagship vehicles from the 1990s or early 2000s.


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