The list of the 25 things that all human beings in the world share

O Hunters Collector’s Guide to the 21st Centurya beauty of a book edited by Planeta, and written by the marriage of evolutionary biologists Heather Heyin s Brett WeinsteinIt’s worth reading for several reasons. Among others, it includes a chapter in which it lists those universal traits that any human being on the planet, from the Inuit to the Tuareg, passing through any tribe, country or village, shares.

All humans, since this strange species appeared on the planet, every boy or girl that is born shares or will share these universal traits by virtue of belonging to the human species. Don’t be alone with this. The book offers multiple gifts for getting to know ourselves better, as individuals and as a society.

The list of the 25 things that all humans in the world share

  1. All humans speak a language
  2. We distinguish between the self and the other, and the subject-self (“I saw her”) from the object-self (“she saw me”)
  3. We use facial expressions that are generic and subtle, expressing happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust and contempt.
  4. We don’t just use tools, we use them to make other tools
  5. We live sheltered or indoors
  6. We live in groups, usually families, and the adults help socialize the children.
  7. Children observe their elders and imitate them, they also learn through trial and error.
  8. We have status based on norms of kinship, age, sex, and so on.
  9. We have succession rules and hierarchical indicators.
  10. We share the work
  11. Reciprocity is important, both in a positive sense (building barns together, exchanging gifts, etc.) and in a negative sense (retaliation, grievances, revenge).
  12. We negotiate
  13. We predict and plan for the future
  14. We have laws and leaders, although they may be circumstantial or ephemeral
  15. We have rituals and religious practices
  16. We have modesty rules
  17. We admire hospitality and generosity
  18. Aesthetics governs our body, our hair and the environment.
  19. we know how to dance
  20. we make music
  21. We play
  22. we get bored
  23. Sex has more implications than reproduction
  24. we remember our dreams
  25. we daydream
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