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The Linky meter attracts ants… which make it trip

Ants attracted by Linky meters to the point of causing breakdowns. This is the surprising story that happened to an Enedis customer. Asked by UFC-Que Choose, Michel, who lives in Loire-Atlantique, explains that he recently encountered a breakdown problem caused by a colony of ants that had lodged inside his Linky meter. He therefore called Enedis who sent a technician to solve the problem.

“He [le technicien] told me that it was a very common failure due to ants that love a component of the meter and create repeated short circuits”, declared the Enedis customer to whom we had promised that in equipping himself with a Linky meter, he would never have to travel to the box, everything being controlled remotely via the Internet.

Enedis has identified a thousand similar incidents

According to the technician, one of the components of the Linky meter particularly attracts ants who are fond of it, which can cause short circuits. If the nature of the failure seems surprising, it is however not an isolated event.

Indeed, Enedis already claimed in May 2021 that this problem was not new and that the cases of breakdown caused by ants mainly occurred between March and September and only when the meters were outside. According to the EDF subsidiary, this problem concerns a thousand meters out of the 34 million already installed.

The electricity network manager assured UFC-Que Choisir that, in such a case, Enedis technicians intervened quickly and, if necessary, replaced the meter with another, equipped with specific protection for its electronic cards.


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