The levers of FC Barcelona complicate the signing of Héctor Bellerín

Once again the Catalan side appears in the orbit of the Blaugrana team

The exit from the side is becoming more real Hector Bellerin in the Arsenalbut its future is increasingly uncertain, being Barcelona Y Betis immersed in your destiny. Now it’s not just him Seville club the only team interested in signing him, since Laporta and his contacts appear with the firm intention of taking him into account to reinforce their right wing.

Although the manager stated that they will not hire a Right sideCatalan has entered the agenda of Xavi, and this could press for his signing. If so, it would be a critical blow to the plans of Manuel Pellegriniwho already has him as his starting right back for the 2022-23 season.

bellerin barcelona
The Verdiblanca fans are calm because they trust Bellerín’s word to return to Betis.

Arsenal’s despair brings Bellerin closer to Barcelona’s orbit

From the London club they are willing to give the letter of freedom to the right-handed lane with the aim of saving his chip and freeing up a place on the right side. This is music to the ears of Laporta who, being free, will not hesitate to launch his nets towards the signing of Bellerín. The failed operation with César Azpilicueta has left them with the feeling of wanting a side for that flank yes or yes.

Marcos Alonso from Madrid could also arrive with the Catalan, who feels obliged to demand his departure from the Chelsea directives. The former Real Madrid feels that his time in the Premier League has expired and it is the perfect opportunity to return to Spain. However, the Blue club is still concerned about Koundé, so they will not facilitate his departure, and even less so if he goes to Barcelona.

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At Betis they trust the word of Héctor Bellerín while in Barcelona they rub their hands

All the Bética fans are calm because they trust that the right-back keeps his word, which is not to play for any club in Spain other than Betis. The almost idol of Beticismo won the hearts of all fans and incidentally the confidence in the Verdiblanco squad, Manuel Pellegrini being one of the most pleased with his work.

At the moment the player has not expressed himself and prefers to wait for the panorama to clear up a bit, which is beginning to raise suspicions in the green and white fans. For now, the Chilean coach is concentrating on preparing for his first league match, which will be against Mallorca at the Son Moix Stadium on Saturday from 7:30 p.m.

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