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The lesson of Real Madrid to the Barcelona fans: the signing of Ancelotti triumphs

Once again the top manager of the white house wins the pulse to the Barcelonista boss, in terms of vision towards potential signings. In this case, the proof came on the US tour.

Real Madrid not only has the ability to get good signings at a comfortable price, but also with great results, ancelotti gives him the reason. The proof of this has been seen in the tour that he is doing the Madridista club in the United States, where they have won 2 out of 2. But specifically, it was in the last match where it was possible to see that the hiring of the white president had already begun to produce results.

Nobody believed in Joselu when his team at the time, Alavés, was relegated to the second division. In the previous season the same thing happened with Espanyol, but this time Ancelotti and Florentino did get involved to sign the Spanish-German striker. Although he will not be the undisputed starter, the president is convinced that he will have an important role in the scheme of the Italian coach.

Ancelotti Real Madrid
Joselu’s first goal with Real Madrid was a kick against Manchester United.

Real Madrid and Ancelotti did not make the same mistake as FC Barcelona and Xavi

The 2022 summer market was taking place when the 33-year-old striker entered free agency, after ending his contract with the babazorro team. His agent offered him to teams like Sevilla FC, Valencia CF, Villarreal and FC Barcelona. In the latter he was able to shine, but the signing of Robert Lewandowski took all the attention.

Once this year’s window opened, Real Madrid did not miss the opportunity and contacted the former Newcastle striker. His 17 goals also helped Florentino and Ancelotti make the decision to sign him, in the absence of Benzema and while Kylian Mbappé arrives. A few days ago, he scored his first goal with the elastic meringue, nothing more and nothing less than Manchester United.

Award for meritocracy, Joselu will play for the first time in the Champions League

In the almost 15 years of his professional career, the striker has never been able to perform in the most important tournament in the world at club level, we are talking about the Champions League. The closest he has been in an international competition was in the Europa League, towards the 2013-14 season with the elastic of Eintracht Frankfurt. Back then he scored 1 goal and 1 assist.

Now, thanks to his offensive power shown in the Espanyol shirt, he will be able to enjoy the sweetness of the Champions League. A dream that every footballer, regardless of their nationality, wishes to fulfill. At the same time, he is fulfilling another of his desires, to wear La Roja. Joselu hopes to be summoned again, and for this reason he is going to break it at Real Madrid.

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