The Lenovo Tenerife got a valuable victory for Falco Szombathely (73-79) on the first day of the Top 16 of the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League, which was played at the Savaria Arena.

The people from Tenerife, who had the important absences of point guard Bruno Fitipaldo and Emir Sulejmanovic, who had to stay on the Island by a pharyngo-tonsillar viral process, dominated most of the encounter, always controlling the game of the rival that only in the third fourth disturbed by taking the lead with a 49-47.

The people from Tenerife came out with a lot of defensive intensity, aware that it would be on defense where they could control the clash. It did not fail Shermadini in the inside game where he did a lot of damage, and was again accompanied by a successful Sasu Salin from the outside.

In the first quarter, Lenovo Tenerife began to dominate the scoreboard, thanks to his defensive work and his success in attack. he got soon with nine points up (8-17, min. 8) and with 10-22 with two minutes to go to end the first quarter.

The Hungarians, also very intense in their game, never lowered their guard and although they could not dominate the game, if they were able to match the marker and not allow his rival to take clear advantages. they put on with a 28-30 showing their opponent that they would go for the victory.

With 39-43, the break was reached with the feeling that the Lenovo Tenerife was superior to its rival, but could not take those differences necessary to be able to decide.

It was in the third quarter when Falco Szombathely pressed and took advantage of the visiting errors to level the game at 47 (min. 23) after a triple by Keller and a minute later the 49-47 that would be the first time the Hungarian team would come forward.

It was a turning point, as the Lenovo Tenerife would soon recover his dominance in the game, he would dominate the zone and control the game again and a marker until the end of the clash.

The Hungarians, in the last quarter, tried, but found themselves to a much more solid Lenovo Tenerife.


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