The leader of the Wagner admits grueling fights in Bakhmut


“I inform everyone officially: Bakhmut has not yet been taken. There is an apple called ‘Airplane’. It is an impregnable fortress made up of a row of tall buildings located in the southwest of Bakhmut. There are very tough fights, very tough,” said the head of the Wagnerites in an audio published on Telegram.

He acknowledged that Bakhmut “will hardly be fully taken over tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“That’s why I ask you (…) a big favor: let us finish our work,” Prigozhin added.

He blames Russia for the difficulties

He insisted on blaming the Russian military command for the difficulties in fully capturing the city, which according to him the Wagnerite units control 98% after almost ten months of battle.

“For those who are interested in details and to put an end to speculation, the 4th and 74th brigades (of Russian troops), who shit on the flanks and key heights, allowed the Ukrainian Armed Forces to advance from Chasiv Yar and Konstantinovka in two directions, north and south of Ivanivske,” Prigozhin explained.

Due to this circumstance, he added, in Bajmut there is a “practically frontal” clash.

“We advance from west to east. The enemy adds any number of reserves, armored vehicles and weapons, everything he wants to face us. And that is why progress is very difficult, ”he stressed.

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