Home Sports The laughing price that Sevilla put on Lucas Ocampos

The laughing price that Sevilla put on Lucas Ocampos

The laughing price that Sevilla put on Lucas Ocampos

The season has been an emotional roller coaster for Lucas Ocampos at Sevilla FC. The Argentine player had a brief stint at Ajax last summer, but his return to the Seville team was the turning point he needed. Despite the ups and downs, Ocampos proved to be a crucial element for the team on its road to success, lifting another trophy. However, the joy could be clouded by a possible goodbye.

Sevilla’s sports director, Víctor Orta, is aware of Ocampos’ potential and his importance to the team. But he is also wise in business and knows that the transfer market is an opportunity to generate income. With the exit operation stalled for the team’s discards, Sevilla is willing to listen to offers for its most valuable players, including Ocampos himself.

The laughing price that Sevilla put on Lucas Ocampos

Recently, we have learned that offers have arrived from Saudi Arabia and Turkey for the talented Argentine winger. Fenerbahçe, a historic club in Turkey, has shown a clear interest in acquiring the services of Ocampos, and has presented an offer that Sevilla is willing to pay attention to.

The price that Sevilla has set to let Ocampos out is surprisingly low. The player’s current market value is 12 million euros, but there is one factor that he plays in favor of Fenerbahçe: he only has one year left on his contract with the Andalusian club. With this situation, Sevilla is facing its last chance to obtain an economic return for the player before he can go free in the next market.

Víctor Orta, the person in charge of Sevilla’s exit operations, has considered Fenerbahçe’s offer fair and is willing to accept it. This means that Ocampos could leave Sevilla FC for less than 10 million euros, a surprisingly low figure for a player who has been fundamental and decisive in the team in recent years.

The future of Lucas Ocampos is up in the air, and although it is still not certain that he will leave, the situation seems to indicate that his departure from Sevilla is increasingly likely. Fans of the Andalusian team wonder if the laughing price they have given the talented Argentine will be enough to keep him in the squad or if, unfortunately, this summer will mark his goodbye from the club to embark on a new adventure in another football destination.

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