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The Last Of Us on HBO: release date, cast, plot … everything we already know

Adaptation of the famous eponymous video game released in June 2013, “The Last of Us” is one of the major series projects of the American channel HBO. Official announcements, indiscretions, predictions and rumors, that’s all we know about him.

Development of the series has been entrusted to the game’s own co-creator, Neil Druckmann, as well as Craig Manzin, whose work on the Chernobyl miniseries has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike. The budget allocated by the American channel HBO to The Last of Us would be very close to the sums committed for Game of Thrones, which attests to the ambition displayed for this adaptation which will have 10 episodes.

In March 2020, HBO officially announced the development of the series on Twitter with a message revealing the emblem of the Fireflies, the main antagonist of the video game whose slogan is: “When you are lost in the dark, seek the light!” (Look for the light, in original version) ”.

The story of The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world after a spiraling virus ravaged the world’s population on September 26, 2013. Twenty years later, the survivors are trying to survive in a world populated by infected people, but also by more or less organized and ill-intentioned groups. In a military zone in the city of Boston, Joel, a 50-year-old man, is tasked with escorting and protecting a teenage girl named Ellie, who could be the key to saving humanity.

When will it be released?

Production of The Last of Us began in July 2021, if the message is to be believed. Instagram posted by actor Gabriel Luna. With a filming set to end at the beginning of June 2022, but which should end sooner in all likelihood. According to Neil Druckmann, who recently posted the first photo shoot in the series, this one is making great strides.

At the moment, if we take into account the time of filming, and the editing that will be necessary afterwards, it seems unlikely that the series will not be launched before December 2022, see January 2023. However, many fans are already starting to imagine putting the first episode online on Sunday, September 25, 2022, the eve of Last of Us Day, corresponding to the date of the epidemic in the game. We can always dream!

Who will be in the cast for season 1?

The entire cast of The Last of Us continues to be unveiled as the weeks go by. But we already know that Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian, Narcos, Game of Thrones) will play Joel on the screen. And will give the reply to Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) who will lend his features to the character of Ellie. Gabriel Luna (Agents of SHIELD) will play the role of Tommy, Joel’s brother.

The actress Merle Dandridge, who doubles the character of Marlene – the leader of the rebel militia of the Fireflies – in the video game, will reprise her role in the series (yay). Nico Parker will play Joel’s daughter, Sarah. Anna Torv, Jeffrey Pierce (who lends his voice to Tommy in the video game, but not in the series therefore), Murray Bartlett, and Con O’Neill will also be present in the credits.

What to expect in season 1?

The first season of The Last of Us should resume, in large part, the narrative plot of the first game. But also parts of the second opus released in June 2020 on PS4, reported the American site The Hollywood Reporter during the official announcement of the TV series adaptation project. In March 2021, Neil Druckmann was more specific on how this adaptation will remain faithful, or not, to the video game, during an interview with the site IGN.

“We talked at length about whether Season 1 of the series will adapt the first game (…) Some things are close. It’s funny to see my in-game dialogue in HBO storylines. And sometimes they diverge greatly for a better effect, because we are dealing with a different medium. (…) For example, in the game, there is so much action that you have to teach the players the mechanics of the game. It takes more violence and spectacle to a point, than you need on TV, because you don’t need to teach people to use a gun. It’s something very different, HBO did well to move us away from the hardcore action and focus more on the drama with the characters. Some of my favorite episodes at the moment are very different from the story, and I can’t wait for people to see them, ”he says.

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