The last obstacle for Atlético to sign Darder for free

In the Madrid club they know that Espanyol’s relegation is not enough to sign the attacking midfielder, because in the last few hours another team has appeared with the same signing opportunities.

The only sure thing at RCD Espanyol is that its midfielder and captain, Sergi Darder, will leave Barcelona, ​​but Atlético is no longer an exclusive destination. Until a few days ago mattress club seemed to be solitary in the operation of the excellent attacking midfielder. But a few hours ago a new candidate with the same options as the rojiblanco team was leaked.

This is RCD Mallorca, which has come up with a very generous offer and also proposing a sports project in which he will be the absolute protagonist. In addition, Javier Aguirre knows that his player Kang in Lee will leave Soin Moix at the end of this season, so the Spaniard will be the category replacement they want there.

Athletic Darder
Despite the fact that Atlético will play in the Champions League, it is Mallorca who have the most options to sign Sergi Darder.

Atlético and Mallorca head to head for the signing of Sergi Darder

There are significant differences between the two teams, and one of them could sentence the signing of the talented Mallorcan footballer. He stated that if it were up to him, he would stay in the parakeet team, but economic conditions prevent the team from paying him his second division token. Therefore, the best thing for everyone is the departure of the captain at the RCDE Stadium.

Atlético offers the payment of the complete card, and also the opportunity for the midfielder to play in the Champions League. A privilege that a few can gives. But the problem is that there are several mattress players in his position, thus making guaranteed ownership difficult. And it is that the most important thing for Darder, in addition to money, is the leading role that he can have.

Mallorca takes advantage of Atlético’s failure to take the lead in the signing of Sergi Darder

Based on that mistake, the vermilion squad offers the creative midfielder the chance to start, yes or yes, since the South Korean, who was the undisputed starter, will leave the squad led by Javier Aguirre. They will not play international tournaments, but you can be sure that they will not be on the bench, unless it is due to greater forces.

Mallorca will also pay 100% of Sergi Darder’s file, another point in favor of the Balearic club, which leaves it closer to signing. Despite the fact that they have already stated that Yannick Carrasco, Saúl, Pablo Barrios and another player will leave at Atlético, the Balearic midfielder has doubts that all they do is bring him closer and closer to Soin Moix.

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