The last kicking of Bahamontes

At the end of the adventure, the “Aguila de Toledo” could still be seen through the winding streets of the old town of the imperial city. “Fede” as every Toledan knew him – although his real name was Alejandro -, was recognized during his walks and claimed more by the experienced residents of the oldest Toledo than by the usual tourists of the city.

“This gentleman was the first Spaniard to win a Tour de France”, a phrase repeated a thousand times, from parents to children and from grandparents to grandchildren, in a Plaza de Zocodover already accustomed to the adventures of the most famous Toledo. They were until a few months ago the last pedal strokes of a man nearly a hundred years old, but in enviable physical conditiona transmitter of hundreds of cycling and life anecdotes told in detail and with the freshness of an energetic and inimitable Bahamont.

A sportsman whose importance for Toledo lies in the fact that, barely a hundred meters below, he has his own character dedicated to Bahamontes that will be remembered Everyone will remember climbing the enormous incline of Calle Real del Arrabla on a bicycle in front of the iconic Alcázar of their city.

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