The Lakers Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

A torture. The Lakers are immersed in that, to whom the coronavirus has dealt a lethal blow that can end their options in a way full of conditioning factors, but equally painful. After three consecutive victories, the Angelenos entered a maelstrom of poor results It started with the loss, through injury, of Anthony Davis in Minnesota. And goodbye: four defeats in a row, a constant disaster and a desire for some kind of very big stoppage to come. More than the coronavirus, for resetting, clarifying ideas and returning with charged batteries to face the final stretch of the season, which is actually more than half with the All Star in between. The NBA has assured that it does not intend to stop and it will be necessary to see if there is any intention to do so after the lucrative Christmas day. And meanwhile, Angelenos continue to add misfortunes in the form of injuries, health and safety protocols and losses. Very hard time for them.

The Lakers have lost to Wolves, Bulls, Suns and, now, Spurs. Only in Chicago were they relatively close to victory, dropping 18 points at Minnesota, another 18 against the Suns and 28 against the Spurs. Even in the face of Gregg Popovich, always very given to showing his expressions even with a mask, It has been seen the feeling that this was not the rival with whom he has had so many battles throughout the 21st century, animosity through a technician who never liked the paraphernalia or the inherent entertainment of Hollywood. That, and his anger after Phil Jackson, briefly in hiding, defined the Spurs’ 1999 win as “the asterisk ring“(With the first lockout that shortened the season in history, 50 games were played and there was no All Star). Popovich never forgave him.

At Staples Center (it’s still called that) there was little to scratch around. The Spurs won the first quarter 33-24 and did not lose coba, also emerging victorious from the next three and sweeping the last from defense, leaving the locals in ignominious 18 points. The surprise of the meeting was Keita Bates-Diop, who had a real exhibition: 30 points and 7 rebounds, with 11 of 11 in field goals (yes, 11 of 11), 3 of 3 in triples and 5 of 7 in free throws. A differential element for not being a particularly well-known player, who tipped the balance from the second quarter (9 points and 4 out of 4 in shots). In the third he scored 11 (4 of 4 in shots) and another 9 in the last after scoring only 1 in the initial period, in which he barely participated during 1:30 in the rotation of a Gregg Popovich who barely uses him an average of 13.8 minutes per game.

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The Spurs also had 16 points and 10 rebounds from Keldon Johnson (4 of 14 shooting), 13 Doug McDermott, 23 from Derrick White, 9 + 6 + 13 from Dejounte Murray and 13 from Jock Landale. And they add their 12th victory of the season, which leaves them in 11th place in the Western Conference. tied with the Blazers, tenth. One more time, everyone is there. And in the Lakers, little to say: 36 + 9 + 6 from LeBron James, brilliant but desperate, and 30 + 7 + 4 from Russell Westbrook. In addition to them, only Talen Horton-Tucker exceeded ten (13) and neither the ten-day contracts (Isaiah Thomas), nor the G League players (Jay Huff …) had a leading role While the points fell too much, David Fidzale found himself without answers and the constant feeling was one of a mad desire for the game to end and head home to forget about basketball. Right now, the Lakers, haunted by casualties, are in their particular nightmare before Christmas. The problem, is that a bad dream can be eternal, and the bad moment of the team has no end. At the moment, 16-16 and sixth from the West. Nonetheless. They can comfort themselves with that. But of course, he who does not console himself is because he does not want to.

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