The Lakers lose again and stay two months without Ariza

Fast forward to the first week of the NBA preseason and some things are becoming clear. For example, Doncic wants to make good that prognosis to fight for the MVP, returning in much better shape than after the holidays of the previous year and dominating in a short time on the court. For example, that the Cavaliers want to test their regular phase rotation already in these games and that Ricky Rubio may see his contribution reduced to a less leading but equally important role. For example, the Lakers are taking it easy and things are not going the way they wanted either.

The most interesting game of the past day was the Warriors-Nuggets, resolved by only two points of difference. Rivers and Morris formed the Denver field team, with Dozier supporting defensive duties, leaving Facu Campazzo on the bench. The Argentine played 22 minutes and scored 6 points. Nikola Jokic was the most outstanding, making it clear that he is still the reigning MVP: 17 points and 10 rebounds. The Warriors came back in the fourth quarter and it was with two triples in a row from Mychal Mulder that they secured the victory.

In Phoenix the duel that threw the Lakers out of the playoffs last season was repeated. And the Suns won again. Without James and also with the absences of Howard and Westbrook, but with more bad news than just the loss to the runner-up. During the night it was learned that Trevor Ariza, one of the triple and defense specialists who have signed this summer, is going to be out for at least two months after having surgery on his right ankle, according to the team, so Vogel is left without a clear replacement for LeBron at forward. The Suns won easily, a game decided in the third quarter, and without the presence of Devin Booker, one of their stars.

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NBA results

Suns 117-105 Lakers

Pistons 115-105 Spurs

Hawks 96-99 Cavaliers

Pelicans 104-86 Magic

Mavericks 111-101 Jazz

Warriors 118-116 Nuggets

Clippers 98-113 Kings

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