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The Lakers bottom out… or not

The Lakers bottom out... or not

There is no background when you keep diggingwhen you’re getting worse when there’s nothing bad enough you’re vaccinated against. Any: because you deserve it. James Worthy said on the Spectrum broadcast for Los Angeles that this Portland game had marked the “lowest point for the Lakers in years”. And Magic Johnson tweeted after the game this: “After this defeat I am speechless, there are no words that define how I feel“. The situation is so terrible, so nightmarish, so mutated from dramatic to comic, which is not even easy to discern if it is one of the three worst losses for the Lakers … this season alone. And of course the easiest thing is to bet that worse will come, that this poster of dysfunction, collective unhappiness and competitive shamelessness will be overcome, perhaps in the next game. Or anytime in the next few weeks. Why not. There’s no bottom when you’re bent on dig and dig and dig

The Lakers lost in Portland (107-105) against the Trail Blazers who were coming off six straight losses and eight in nine games. That they are without Lillard and that they have transferred Powell, Nance, Covington, CJ McCollum… that they have a team with traces of the G League beyond Jusuf Nurkic, the emerging and brilliant Anfernee Simons and a bunch of hard-working day laborers (CJ Elleby, Keljin Blevins…) and outsiders (McLemore, Dennis Smith, Justise Winslow…). As unlikely and as unbelievable (or not) as it may sound, that’s enough today against these Lakers. The Blazers, in full tanking and with more desire (at least in the offices) to lose than to win, they prevailed over a rival so needed that he put LeBron James in back to back and despite his knee discomfort. And that he did not have the escape of Russell Westbrook, who missed his first game of the course due to back problems. Real, in theory, although we will see if convenient on the day the market closes.

What the Lakers will do in the next few hours is difficult to know. In the NBA everything can be, there is nothing literally impossible. but there are things almost impossible. One of them, that these Lakers are a worthy team, let alone an applicant, a word that right now does not even deserve to be written. Perhaps it is an afternoon to let life go by, to ruminate on defeat and to think about summer: how to place Westbrook, who to put on the bench, how to sew what has been broken in such an obvious, bizarre, Dantesque way. A gigantic and sustained error by Rob Pelinka, a series of bad decisions that were obviously influenced by LeBron James and a lousy job by Frank Vogel, who is neither the main manager nor has a team that speaks his language on the court… nor is he doing a good job on his part, with that scarecrow by his side who answers to the name of David Fizdale.

The game was horrible, horrible. A sample of how little the Blazers have, who came from losing by 18 in each night before against Orlando Magic. Nothing less. But if your rival lets you get 11 offensive rebounds (11-3), misses more free throws than he makes (6/13) and gives away 21 balls to give you 28 points (8-28), you have no choice but to beat him . Even if it’s by inertia. The worst (didn’t shoot in the fourth quarter) Anthony Davis since his return (probably) was outplayed by Nurkic, and Simons’ talent broke through in the second half (29 points, 5 assists). The point guard scored the two definitive triples in an end (since 97-98) in which nobody seemed to want to win. The Blazers didn’t know, the Lakers couldn’t. A horror that fell on the side of the least bad. That formula will make the Oregonians lose almost every time. But not forever: if the Lakers are up against them, they’ll see to it your you end up being the least bad.

It’s a matter of holding out in the game, something that these Blazers B they did without problems despite the fact that the Lakers had a good stretch in the shot, especially in the second quarter (47-56 at the beginning of the third). But the Los Angeles defense is an embarrassment, a black hole, a nothing so nothing that it seems like something. The Blazers scored 81 points in the last three quarters, 31 in the last. And they won between losses and errors of the Lakers, who played a horrible first quarter and a last circus, absolutely Dantesque, a beauty of vaudeville.

LeBron James finished with 30+7+7 but also with 6 losses, some frankly stupid, knee discomfort and lousy body language on a team that hasn’t had fun in a long time, that has no chemistryfor whom every minute on a basketball court is annoying work, going to sign the I work while you think about the time of departure, when the moment to disconnect arrives. As soon as Monk doesn’t have the day, there isn’t much else. And this time you can’t blame Westbrook either, so even that soap opera was defused. Because the reality is that the problems go further, far beyond. As far as the eye can see, to the limit of logic. Because in the end it is a question of that, of pure logic: the Lakers are a lousy, pitiful, unfortunate and very sad basketball team. And they lose and lose because it is normal. Because they are a lousy, pitiful, pitiful and sad basketball team. One that in Portland embarrassed James Worthy and Magic Johnson, all his followers and the heart of his own history. No basketball, no pride, no ideas, no defense and of course no soul. It might seem like the bottom of the abyss but if you have to bet, it seems safer to do so because even worse nights will come. Sure.

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