The atmosphere begins to heat up the Angel Grandson of Jerez. Massive public attendance is expected Spanish GP and for the Spanish riders this weekend’s appointment is very special. George Martin He is one of those who feels this way, because he inherited his love for motorcycles from his parents, who came to the Andalusian track with a Spanish flag, which is the one he carries when he achieves his victories. The one from Pramac Ducati he has it ready, although he does not feel at his best. Argentina’s second place is also accompanied by three zeros due to falls. He needs to go back to being the one from last year. Let’s see if the spell of Jerez helps.

-The public returns to Jerez…

-I already played. I am really looking forward to going out on the track in Jerez with the public. On Wednesday I was already noticing noise from the paddock, so I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like on Saturday and Sunday. Also, I really want to do well, because I’m in a delicate moment, without finishing the last races.

Was the absence of an audience more noticeable in Jerez than in other places during the bubble due to the pandemic?

-Yes. There are other circuits that you don’t even notice, but in Jerez you do realize that it’s empty and it will be a joy to finally see people in the stands again. Also, I think it’s one of the years that more people are going to come, because about a thousand people have written to me asking for passes. They must believe that I make them. (Laughter). It’s normal that they want to come after so long, but I only have a couple of guests.

-Do you see the Spanish flag parading here that your parents brought as fans to the stands of Jerez and that you have already paraded in other circuits?

-Walking the Spanish flag as the winner in Jerez is something I have to do at least once in my life. Let’s hope it’s this year. Perhaps we are not at the best time to do it, but if it is not this year then it is next.

-The year is not being as good as expected, but the speed is there. What is missing to finish?

-It’s hard to say.

-It is a matter of luck?

– Luck must be earned. There are several small things that make us suffer more than necessary, a little top speed, a little acceleration… We are working on the aerodynamics to be able to improve. They are details that when I am on the site I will take a big step.

-He’s wearing the 2022 and the 2021 is proving more effective in the hands of Bastianini. Would you go back to her if given the chance?

-You always try to evolve and that’s why I’m wearing the 2022, but it’s clear that there’s a long way to go. It’s hard to answer that. The 2022 has its positives, but it is not at the level of last year’s bike.

-He is often compared to Bastianini, who rides the 2021 Ducati. Has his start to the year surprised you, with two victories already?

-Yes, I was surprised. It is clear that with that bike more than one of us could have been more competitive. Seeing how I finished last year and how I started this year, I look like another rider. He has the bike that he has and he has to make the most of it, but it is clear that he has surprised me because he did not expect him to win two of the four races.

I know that you don’t want to talk about your future.


-Jorge Lorenzo is still your friend?

-(Series). Yes.

-I tell him because he has said that he has already signed with Ducati to go to the official team next year…

-(Smiles again). I don’t know why he said it, because I haven’t talked to him about it. He knows.

-The two have the same representative, Albert Valera…

-Yes. She has talked to him as well. (Laughter).

-How important is it to resolve your future as soon as possible to gain peace of mind on the track?

-It’s important, yes. When you have everything clear, you work better. Let’s hope to find out soon.

-How do you see Marquez?

-I see him suffering The other day I went with him three or four laps before falling. He doesn’t have the speed yet, but you can see the desire he has, because he braked very late. I tried to pass him a couple of times, but I had to leave him because he was going to the ground. He wants to, but he lacks a bit, because he doesn’t have the speed that he had.

-Is it his thing or Honda’s?

-I think that with the motorcycle they suffer a bit. It looked like he had no grip.

-Good luck and pass the flag as soon as possible.

-Thank you very much.


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