The laboratory-produced meat was approved for use

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the marketing of laboratory-grown chicken as suitable for human consumption.

Good Meat, a company in the US state of California, announced on social media that its laboratory-grown chicken has received approval.

According to reports, the company says that no question has been raised by the Food and Drug Administration in this regard.


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A letter from the Food and Drug Administration to the company said the product is safe for sale in the US.

According to US media, this is a big step, but buyers will not be able to buy the meat yet, as the company is yet to receive a green signal from the US Department of Agriculture to sell to consumers.

The American company says that they are working with the Department of Agriculture to get approval in this regard.


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The chicken produced by this company was approved for sale in Singapore in 2020, which is also being used in restaurants there.

This meat is prepared from a small piece of an animal’s cell, providing the animal with all the necessary nutrients and taking care of its health.

According to an estimate, meat produced in this way can reduce the earth’s greenhouse (harmful) gases by 14.5%.

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