According to the French newspaper L’Equipe, the Athletic Club of Bilbao has contacted Mauricio Pochettino, who seems unlikely to remain at PSG for next season after their UEFA Champions League failure losing to Real Madrid in the Round of 16. He would be chosen to succeed Marcelino García Toral, who has not yet renewed his contract and everything seems to indicate that he will leave office in June and the club is looking for a top-level coach to replace him.

Mauricio Pochettino has his continuity at PSG in doubt after failing to achieve the goal of winning the UEFA Champions League, being eliminated in the Round of 16 and not finishing putting together a team that plays football well. The Parisian team is looking for a new coach for the summer, with several names in their sights, while the Argentine is in the sights of Athletic Club de Bilbao.

Athletic Club de Bilbao wants Pochettino to replace Marcelino

The Basque team wants to trust him because of his experience at the top European level and his ability to work with youngsters. The Argentine directed Espanyol de Barcelona at the time and helped the vast majority of the clubs in which he worked grow. Marcelino seems to be leaving office because he ends his contract and the Argentine is the main option to arrive. He would be an important bomb in Argentine football.

It is a matter of time to find out PSG’s decision and see what will happen to Pochettino, who has not yet made a decision if the club fires him at the end of the season.


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