The Kosner-Saltoki Home team pedals towards the Titan Desert in Morocco

A little over a month before the start of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023 Titan atmosphere is already breathed. AS was present last weekend at the rally held by the Kosner-Saltoki Home team in Cambrils (Tarragona) and verified that the first nerves to cross the Moroccan desert are present. Although, in particular, there is enthusiasm and a great desire to live an experience that is considered “unique”. The team, which took the opportunity to officially present itself for the Titan Desert in Morocco, which is held from April 30 to May 5, demonstrated why it is one of the favorites to win several stages and even win the the general one: it has figures such as Miguel Indurainwinner of five Tour de France and 2 Giro d’Italia: Konny Looser, winner of the last edition; vera looser, winner of a stage in Morocco in 2022 and winner of the Titan Desert Almería; Miguel Escola, winner of La Mussara 2014 and the Travessa dels Ports; and Pilar Fernandez, Spanish MTB Ultramarathon champion and winner of a stage in the Titan Desert 2022.

In Cambrils, all the members of the team, also made up of employees and clients, lived together with the intention of strengthening ties, received talks on nutrition, mechanics and navigation and, of course, trained. The objective is to develop a specific preparation because the Titan Desert is one of the toughest tests in the world. More than 600 kilometers will be covered divided into six stages through areas such as Knob, Fezzou and Merzouga. Everything to cross the finish line in Maadid and establish themselves as Titans. The team coach, Pau Marza, who won a stage in the Titan Desert 2022 and was second overall in that same edition, explained that During this weekend we had good weather, we had a good time, there was a good vibe among all and we were able to pedal, which is what we like”.

And it is precisely that passion for cycling that is what unites a Kosner-Saltoki Home team in which Indurain, despite the fact that he monopolizes many spotlights, is one more. It will be his first Titan Desert in Morocco and he is looking forward to it. Of course, he warns that “To go to one of these challenges you have to master the bike and have experience of doing kilometers, having gone through difficulties and having technique. Let’s go enjoy and finish it. There is a very healthy team, full of enthusiasm and I am sure that we will have a great time, which is the main objective”.

Jose Luis Gonzalez Guerra

To pedal through the Moroccan desert you need experience, dedication and preparation. And it’s about it August Pascual can give a good account of it. The Kosner-Saltoki Home Team Manager will receive special recognition in the 2023 edition in Morocco because he is a legend. He has 17 editions, with more than 10,000 kilometers in his legs. What’s more, a tattoo on his left leg shows his passion for the Titan Desert. It is certainly a good wheel to follow, although This year I am going to take it differently from others, more to work for the team so that they do not lack for anything and to have a good time”.

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Almost 40 cyclists are expected with the colors of the Kosner-Saltoki Home team in Morocco and, of course, there will also be a good female presence. Here will shine Vero Looser, who won Stage 5 of the Titan Desert in the Moroccan desert in 2022, Ainara Elbusto, Tessa Kortekaas and Pilar Fernández. The latter was second in the general classification of the 2022 edition and this year will try to fight for the title: “We are prepared, we are a great team, with very strong girls that I think we can help each other and make a great Titan as a team. the sensations are goodNow important races are also coming up just before the Titan and they will also give us that point of competing”. Throughout the month, the team will continue with the preparation. And it is that Morocco is already waiting for you.

solidarity kilometers

The participation of the Kosner-Saltoki Home team in Morocco will also have an important aspect of solidarity, since will donate 1 euro to the Luzón Foundation for each kilometer to walk their components in the race to help in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Juan Carlos Unzue, who has been fighting the disease since 2019, sent a very motivating message to the Titans and motivated them even more in the face of this great challenge.

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