The killer committed suicide and was a former member of the group

The attacker who last Thursday killed seven people who were participating in a religious service in Hamburg, took his own life when the police arrived: “The perpetrator fled to the first floor of the building and there he committed suicide, so we speak in total of eight dead,” councilman Andy Grote told a news conference. When the agents entered the building, which was used by Jehovah’s Witnesses, they saw an individual with a firearm flee to the upper floor. They then found “a lifeless man with a lethal wound and a firearm by his side.” The attacker was identified as Philipp F. of German nationality, had no criminal record and had a weapons permit as a sports shooter. Although the motivation for the attack remains to be clarified, there is no indication of a political background: it points to a personal dispute. Philipp P. had been a Jehovah’s Witness but left the religious community a year and a half ago “voluntarily but not in good manners,” according to Criminal Investigation Office spokesman Thomas Radzuweit. The seven fatalities of the attack are four men and two women, between the ages of 33 and 60 and all of them German nationals, as well as a seven-month-old unborn child. The killer had opened fire on a woman in a car in the parking lot and then began shooting through the window of a place where Jehovah’s Witnesses were holding a church service. He then entered and finished his murderous deed.

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