The Kelce brothers will make Super Bowl history

The 57th edition of the Super Bowl (February 12) will face the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, and there will be a family in particular, the Kelce, who will live the duel for the title with a broken heart. For the first time in NFL history, two players who are brothers will meet in the Grand Final: Travis Kelce, tight end of the Chiefs, and Jason Kelce, center of the Eagles. Both are also key players in their teams and will play a very important role.

Curiously, the 2013 Super Bowl faced another pair of brothers, the Harbaughs, although each was the coach of a team: Jim, from the 49ers, and John, from the Ravens. For this reason, the one in Arizona will be the first final in which two brothers step on the green. “Our mother can’t lose,” Travis Kelce said after that their Chiefs won to the Cincinnati Bengals.

And it is that the mother of the KelceDonna is the bigger fan of the two teams her sons play on. In 2022, she was able to attend two different games on the same day, crossing half the country between one and the other, to see her children in the playoffs first-hand. “Your dreams come true. They have been thinking about this since they were 10 years old, although the scenario they planned is that they would play on the same team. There will be a loser, and that will be tough.”Donna commented.

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Despite the fact that one of the two will be defeated, both Jason and Travis are already they know what it is win a Super Bowlly, therefore, one of them will have two rings. The one from the Eagles won the final in 2018, and in 2020 it was the turn of the Chiefs. In Arizona, the two brothers will be protagonists. Jason Kelce, 35, has been in the NFL for 12 seasons, all of them in Philadelphia, and is one of the best in the league at his position (selected six times to the Pro Bowl and five times to the ideal team of the year). Travis, 33, was drafted by the Chiefs 10 seasons ago, and is unquestionably the best tight end of the leaguebeing the second player with the most receiving yards and touchdowns in playoff history.

The relationship between these two brothers is unbeatable, and for this reason this year they released their own podcast, ‘New Heights’in which they talk weekly about current events in the NFL and which is already in the top-10 of the most listened to in the United States. “I’m done being a Chiefs fan this season,” Jason said upon learning that he would face off against his brother in the Super Bowl. Because this game happens to be a family affair.

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