Home Sports The Juventus signing that puts Arthur on track for Valencia CF

The Juventus signing that puts Arthur on track for Valencia CF

The Vecchia Signora considers the hiring as a fact and is very close to signing the departure of the Brazilian

To the campus of Valencia CF The news has just arrived that the Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo is very close to leaving Juventus. The main reason is that the Vecchia Signora and the PSG are about to close an operation that would benefit the Bianconera medullary and incidentally the black and white set indirectly.

In a nutshell, the italian team is close to closing the signing of the Argentine Leandro Paredes, who has already given the ok to arrive in Turin. What is missing in the operation is to iron out some rough edges, but everything is destined to be closed successfully in the coming days. Meanwhile, the output of carioca flyer speeds up and everything indicates that the Valencian team will be his next team.

Valencia Arthur
The arrival of Leandro Paredes enables the departure of Arthur and benefits Valencia.

Juventus pressures Valencia to pay the price of Arthur

In addition to the place in the squad, the Bianconero club needs liquidity to pay for the signing of Paredes, since PSG will not release him for free. The main problem is that, that the Che club does not have the full money now and that is why it insists that the departure of the Brazilian midfielder be through a transfer.

In Valencia they continue with their low-cost transfer plan or, failing that, a transfer plan as they plan to do with Arthur. However, if they do not reach an agreement in the next few hours, the carioca’s departure could take place in a different direction than Mestalla. The black and white sports management begins to look for solutions in an agile way since Gattuso takes it for granted that he will have him.

The operation that could save the signing of Arthur to Valencia without spending a single euro

There is an option for the Che club to sign the South American midfielder on loan and at the same time for Juventus to obtain the services of Leandro Paredes. In the departure folder of the Vecchia Signora there is also the name of Adrien Rabiot, who is on the Manchester United agenda.

If the Devils execute the signing of the French pivot, paying 100% of his transfer, there will be no need to demand payment when Arthur leaves, since with Rabiot’s money they will cover a large part of the signing of Paredes. At this moment the Frenchman is valued at 17 kilos and the Italian club expects to receive at least 13 since his contract ends in one year.

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