The judoka María García will be immortalized in the Temple of Fame of La Vega

The judoka María García will be immortalized by the Temple of Fame of the Vegan Athlete in the ceremony that the Olympic City will hold on September 25, announced Francisco Peguero, general secretary of the sports entity.

Among the most important achievements of her judo career are that she was 19 times national champion from 1997 to 2016. At an international level, her performance surpassed national glory as her triumphs were a constant. She in the international invitational tournament of San Martin in 2002 she achieved the 1st place or gold medal. She was also the 8-time winner of the Central American and Caribbean Judo Championship from 1999 to 2005.

María obtained 9 International Championships for the country from 1999 to 2006 indicated Peguero. Among them: gold of the Pan American Junior Judo Champion 2001 Venezuela, Gold at the 2003 International Benito Juárez Mexico Adult Championship, Gold of the Pan American Judo Champion Venezuela Adult 2004, Pan American Judo Champion Puerto Rico Adult 2004; Gold of the Pan American Judo Championship Argentina Adult. First Place in the Pan American Junior Judo Championship Brazil 2005; First Place Pan American Junior Judo Championship Colorado USA, 2006. 1st. Venue of the Pan American Adult Judo Championship Canada 2007.

The triumphs of the Queen of Judo were notorious at the level of the highest regional and continental competition such as the Central American and Caribbean Games and at the Games level. Pan Americans. In the Central American Games, María shined by achieving Plant in Individual and silver for team in Cartagena Colombia 2006; Gold Medal in Mayagüez Puerto Rico 2010. Her medal harvest in the Central American Games continued in Veracruz, Mexico. 2014. By reaching the 2nd or Silver in Individual and bronze by team. At the Pan American Games and starting with Santo Domingo 2003 she reached the Bronze Medal. She feat that she repeated 4 years later in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2007 where she got the third place and Bronze medal. In Toronto, Cana. In 2015 she achieved 5th place in another outstanding performance.

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The daughter Tineo García and Altagracia Cáceres participated in two consecutive Olympic Games: Beijing China 2008 and London England 2012 and although she did not win a medal, she always reached at least the eighth finals, which meant a great participation in the greatest world sporting event. At the World Cup level, he stood out by obtaining: 1st El Salvador 2006, 2nd France 2006, 1st Canada 2006, 3rd Belgium 2006 and 1st Cuba 2006. The following year he also shone with the tricolor flag by being 1st place Belgium 2007, 3rd. in Germany and Poland 2007. He was 3rd Austria 2008, 2nd Uruguay 2013, 3rd Lima Peru 2014, 1st El Salvador 2015, 2nd France 2016, 1st Mexico 2016, 3rd Belgium and Austria 2016.

In Grand Slam/ Prix de Judo she made herself felt with a 3rd place in Brasilia Brazil 2012, 5th in Azerbaijan 2014, 7th in Brazil 2015 and 5th in Germany 2015. In World Championships María García reached her greatest success in the Dom. Rep. 2006 Junior where it rises with the 3rd place and good participations in Brazil 2007 9th.; Holland 2009 5th, France 2011 8th, Brazil 2013 7th, and Brazil 2015 5th place.

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