“The Jazz have their sights set on the situation of Luka Doncic…”

Now, they play complicated rumors in the Dallas Mavericks. This is how things are after a disastrous season. Last year the team was well above expectations: 52 victories and a trip to the Western Conference final. So there followed a summer in which everything was optimism and the search for ways to give the big step forward, the one that would definitely make the Mavs contenders at the rate of their franchise player, Luka Doncic. But the reality was very different, cruel. Only 38 victories, fourteen fewer, and out of the playoffs without even playing the playoffs for the play in. And that after the all in to be done, in the middle of the season, with Kyrie Irving.

So yeah, now it’s time to debates about a much less rosy future. How possible is it that Jason Kidd is the coach to change this inertia, what does Doncic have to do, on his way to 25, that he hasn’t done up to now. And, above all, what does the franchise have to do to give it a real project? winnerwith stardust and possibility of fighting every season to go far in the playoffs. And, personally, capable of helping the Slovenian to be in some accounts for the MVP from which he fell resoundingly as this annus horribilis progressed in Texas.

In August 2021, Doncic signed the maximum extension of his contract. rookieswhich came into effect this season: five years and $207 million. He has just collected 37 million and has insured for the next four 40, 43, 45.9 and 48.9. Although this last amount, that of the 2026-27 academic year, depends on a player option that will allow the player to be, if he prefers, a free agent in the summer of 2026. Despite this contractual security for both parties, it is an open secret that the next season is considered key: if the Mavs do not offer something better, if they do not straighten the course and teach wickers of something really important, many believe that the relationship with Doncic will begin to strain really. Other stars, it is known, have pressed and sought transfers to other destinations despite being in the middle of gigantic contracts. Nothing guarantees anything in the NBA. just win.

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John Hollinger of The Athletic and former NBA executive with the Memphis Grizzlies, not only accepts that next summer there may be noise with Doncic if the season isn’t much better in the Mavs, but puts name and surname to a team that is already very aware of the situation, Utah Jazz: “My spies in the League tell me that the Utah Jazz, in particular, have a very close eye on the Doncic situation. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can come up with what they can offer, not even if the Brooklyn Nets decide to throw the house out of the window and offer the first four that they took from the Suns for Durant, the one they have from the Sixers and the players who do missing to equal wages with the sole exception of Mikal Bridges.”

The Jazz started their reconstruction on the right foot after the departure of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert and signed a brilliant season (37 victories, from more to less) with a very young coach (Will Hardy, 35 years old) and a new core led by Lauri Markkanen (voted Most Improved Player) and rookies Walker Kessler and Ochai Abgaji. By dismantling the previous team (especially Mitchell and Gobert but also Ingles, O’Neale, Bogdanovic…) the Jazz have enviable material to get into as complex market operations as they want: until 2029 they have 15 first rounds without protection or very little protectionthey can reach 60 million salary space and have young people like Markkanen, Kessler, Agbaji, Collin Sexton…

The Mavs will have to move. Kyrie Irving will be a free agent but in Dallas they want him to continue and his market seems low right now. The center Christian Wood will not continue except for a major surprise after a frustrating season and rumors speak of names like Khris Middleton, Deandre Ayton… It is what it comes down to, of course, when the season has been a perfect nonsense for a team called to still be playing, but which has already been on vacation for too many weeks.

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