The Jasikevicius Clause

Sarunas Jasikevicius’ contract as Barça coach ends at the end of this season, yes, but it could be valid for one more year. As you may have learned ACEsaid contract includes a clause that automatically extends it in case of winning the Euroleague. A condition that is obviously difficult to fulfill, but which is, after all, the great objective of the section. If Barça is proclaimed champion in Kaunas on May 21, Jasikevicius will continue with a valid contract for one more season. Something that does not necessarily imply his continuity, since he could reach an agreement to terminate and finish his stage in Barcelona even winning the Euroleague.

The continuity of the coach at the head of the team is an issue that has been on the table for several weeks now. The granite confidence that was had in him is already slightly permeable, although nevertheless from the offices he continues to be the first option to lead the team. The proximity to the end of his contract and the poor result in the Copa del Rey have once again put the coach’s renewal on the table, which he himself does not guarantee. Speaking to the Chain BE, Jasikevicius revealed that negotiations had not begun to formalize a new agreement: “We have not spoken”, said. He also resisted giving a forceful statement about his continuity at the club: “In these situations I can’t talk much. I have had so many situations in my career that my contract ended that I already have a lot of experience with this. I will try to do my job in the best possible way and whatever happens. It’s not all up to me. I think whatever happens we’re both going to be fine, Barça and I”settled.

In the continuity of Jasikevicius on the Barça bench, sports results play a fundamental role, obviously, but also the economic situation of the club. Barça is going to have to continue cutting expenses this coming summer and the basketball section is not going to be an exception. The squad will be touched, but the economic limitations can also reach the bench: The proposal that Barça presents to the coach will be less than the contract currently in force. On Jasikevicius’s part, it is normal for him to want to wait and learn first-hand about the sports project for next season before deciding on its continuity. Thus, according to his statements and his insistence on focusing on the season, it is foreseeable that the decision will go long.

Pascual and Lakovic, the alternatives

As is evident from the club’s sports management, led by Juan Carlos Navarro, they are already managing alternatives in case Jasikevicius does not continue on the bench. It should be said that the Lithuanian continues to be the first option and Barça’s bet to lead the team, That hasn’t changed, but it would be almost remiss not to look for alternatives to a coach whose contract ends in June. And two names begin to fly over the Barça orbit: Xavi Pascual and Jaka Lakovic. The first, last coach who raised the Euroleague with Barça, has a great relationship with Navarro and is a coach with proven solvency. The second, a former player of the entity, is currently managing Gran Canaria with magnificent results. His contract ends on the island, but the club has the possibility of extending it for another season unilaterally.

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