Home Business The Japanese financial giant is launching a Bitcoin fund

The Japanese financial giant is launching a Bitcoin fund

The Japanese financial giant is launching a Bitcoin fund

The crypto division of Nomura Holdings, one of Japan’s largest investment banks, will offer a Bitcoin (BTC) fund to its clients. The fund is aimed specifically at institutional investors. Nomura, which manages up to $500 billion in assets, says the Bitcoin fund meets the highest security and risk management requirements.

The Japanese financial giant offers Bitcoin

The fund is offered by Laser Digital Asset Management, Nomura’s crypto division. Nomura’s new fund will provide Japanese institutions with an accessible way to invest in Bitcoin. The fund is expected to promote adoption among financial institutions at least at the national level. The fund generates economic growth and long-term exposure to Bitcoin, said Laser Digital CEO Sebastien Guglietta.

“Technology is a driver of global economic growth and the economy is transforming from analog to digital. Bitcoin, among other things, enables this transformation and a long-term commitment to Bitcoin offers a solution for investors who want to benefit from this macro trend.”

Great crypto news for financial institutions

While financial institutions are certainly on the radar of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, there are still significant hurdles for institutions. One of them is the crypto regulatory environment. Institutions like to do everything according to the rules and in a familiar way.

Funds from established traditional institutions are therefore very attractive and crucial for institutional acceptance. For many institutions, purchasing and storing cryptocurrencies is simply going too far. Due to regulations, they are often not allowed to invest directly in cryptocurrencies.

Nomura Holding and Laser Digital Asset Management themselves are very enthusiastic about the brand new Bitcoin fund. Fiona King from Laser Digital says:

“We are very excited to launch our Bitcoin launch fund. This fund provides institutions with a safe path to investing in digital assets, backed by a reputable financial institution. Of course with the highest level of risk management and compliance with legal regulations.”

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