The Japanese Disaster Relief account will no longer be able to post to X after exceeding its API limit

In times of crisis, accurate and timely information is critical to keeping communities safe.

Recently, the Japanese disaster relief account NERV was affected Reaching limits in the X API (formerly Twitter)to prevent the spread of important information following warnings of a large tsunami in Japan as a result of a strong earthquake.

Japanese authorities ordered evacuations in several prefectures after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck in the Noto area of ​​Ishikawa Prefecture. Following this incident, warnings of waves of up to 5 meters were issued and residents were urged to evacuate immediately.

Neighboring prefectures also received warnings and expanded precautionary evacuations to cover much of Japan’s west coast. The “NERV” disaster protection account. provides earthquake warnings and disaster reports and keeps Japanese residents informed in English and Japanese on X.

However, the app’s API usage rate is significantly limited due to new policies introduced under Elon Musk’s ownership of the platform. Currently, the app is unable to release updates to its more than two million users.

According to reports from Unseen Japan, NERV is on the X-API’s “Basic” plan, which allows 100 posts in 24 hours for an approximate cost of $100. The next tier requires a monthly payment of around $5,000 for API usage. Since NERV operates at a loss, the company decided not to subscribe to the higher tier.

Fortunately, the developers of the NERV app, Hirn Inc., have developed an alternative in the form of an app that provides real-time information in addition to maintaining an account on Mastodon. Nonetheless, Some users have asked Elon Musk to lift API restrictions on the NERV app.

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NERV provides highly accurate information for disaster prevention and X provides a quick way to access up-to-date information in a central location during these events. However, with new X-API restrictions impacting the platform, it appears that for now users may be forced to look elsewhere for information, jeopardizing access to important information in critical situations.

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