The Jaén of a thousand lives survives ElPozo and returns to the Cup final

Jaén Inner Paradise: Espindola; Attos, Michel, Alan Brandi and Cesar. Substitutes: Menzeguez, Nem, Álex González (ps), Wanderson, Chino, Renato, Taborda, Mati Rosa and Henrique (ps). Coach: Daniel Rodriguez.

ElPozo Murcia: Juanjo; F. Valerio, Taffy, Taynan and R. Santos. Substitutes: Leo Santana, Alberto, Ricardo, Marcel, Fernando, David, Darío, Molina (ps) and Gadeia. Coach: Javi Rodriguez.

Goals: 1-0, Chinese (9′); 2-0, Renato (17′); 3-0, A. Brandy (19′); 3-1, Marcel (20′); 4-1, Michel (20′); 4-2, R. Santos (20′); 4-3, Tainan (24′); 5-3, Chinese (25′); 6-3, M. Rosa (27′); 6-4, Felipe Valerio (38′); 7-4, Mati Rosa (40′).

Referees: Rodrigo Miguel and Sánchez-Molina Tapiador.

Incidents: Palace of Sports of Granada. Attendance of 8,000 spectators.

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