The “Ivory Lady” and the six great discoveries that science will make in 2023

The most powerful person of the Copper Age was a woman from Seville. The genre “Ivory Lady“This was revealed this year through an analysis of her tooth enamel, but until now it was assumed that this woman who lived 5,000 years ago was a man.”

Thanks to this discovery, the importance of the female role became known at that time. The remains are found in Valencia (Seville) and despite her youth, she was between 17 and 25 years old, she must have been a very powerful woman. She was buried along with a rich trousseau that included an elephant tusk, a ceramic plate, a dagger and several pieces of ivory.

It is one of the great mysteries that will be solved in 2023. The American broadcaster CNN selected them along with the secret ingredient of Roman concrete. We also learned the secret formula that allowed ancient Egypt to embalm mummies using substances such as vegetable oils.

Another discovery changed the picture we had of it Ötzi, the mummified body found in the Alps. A DNA analysis revealed that he had neither a beard nor light skin, but dark skin and eyes and was bald.

The DNA “snitch” also revealed to us that the owner of a deer tooth pendant found in Siberia was a woman lived 19,000 to 25,000 years ago back and, based on the amount of DNA found, could have accompanied him throughout his life.

The author of the latest discovery was artificial intelligence. Thanks to her, the decipherment was possible the Greek word “purple” on a charred scroll from Pompeii.

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