Home World The Italian Senate approved Meloni’s budget

The Italian Senate approved Meloni’s budget

The Italian Senate approved Meloni's budget

The italian senate approved this Thursday the first Government Budget Law of the extreme right Giorgia Meloniin a vote against the clock since he had until December 31 to fix highly conditioned accounts by European recovery funds.

Despite being processed through an accelerated process that imposed a vote of confidence and avoided parliamentary debate on the budgets, the coalition formed by the ultra-rightists of Brothers from Italy and La Ligatogether with the conservatives of Forza Italymanaged to add 107 votes in favor against 69 against and one abstention.

“I am satisfied with this first economic maneuver. I consider it a mission accomplished. Written in record time and in an exceptional context,” celebrated the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

The biggest criticism of the accounts has come from Democratic Party (PD)which came to call a demonstration against the Budget Law, qualified by its leader Enrico Letta as “the most precarious” in recent years.

“I had never seen such an abysmal distance between the very poor reality of the Law voted tonight and the amazing promises of months and years turn out to be smoke“, Letta wrote on Twitter after a night session of more than nine hours held this weekend in which the Chamber of Deputies outlined the budgets to send them to the Senate.

The first budget of the Meloni Executive plans to spend 35 billion eurosof which 21,000 will be allocated to measures for tax exemptions and rebates to help businesses and households cope with the energy crisis.

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