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The Israeli army suffers the bloodiest ambush since the start of the war

The Israeli army suffers the bloodiest ambush since the start of the war

He Israeli army has suffered bloodiest ambush since the war with the Islamist terrorist group Hamas began on October 7th. Nine soldiers died east of Gaza City and another soldier in the north of the strip.

According to the United Nations, the situation is in the The Gaza Strip is catastrophicwhere they get lost countless civilian lives due to massive and indiscriminate bombings. For this reason, the international organization has once again called for a humanitarian ceasefire.

On the other hand, the United States government led Joe Biden has again complained to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, measures to protect the civilian population. In addition, the American President reminded him that the “indiscriminate bombing“The number of civilians is costing Israel the support of the international community.”

Despite international pressure, nothing will stop us

For his part, the Israeli Prime Minister has rejected the pressure and assures us so the offensive will be maintained against Hamas until the end, just as he promised at the beginning of the conflict. “There is no doubt about that. I say this with great pain and Despite international pressure, nothing will stop us. We will go all the way to victory. We won’t settle for anything less“.

Israel has reported the death of 10 of his soldiers in the last 24 hours, including a colonel who commanded an outpost and a lieutenant colonel who commanded a regiment. Most of the deaths occurred in Gaza City’s Shejaia district, where troops were ambushed in the attempt Save another group of soldiers who had attacked fighters from Hamas in a building.

On the other hand, Hamas has pointed out that this event demonstrated the strength of its forces The Israelis will never be able to conquer Gaza: “The longer you stay there, the bigger it is Number of your deaths and losses it will be, and you will come out of it Queue disappointment and loss, God willing“.

18,608 dead and 50,594 injured in Gaza

Gaza’s Ministry of Health estimated the number deceased since it started War at 18,608 people and the number of wounded increased 50,594 people.

This also applies to the majority of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents made homeless because of the bombings.

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